The Leading Company For lithium, Batteries In The Industry

IES offers the customer a solution where the battery and charger communicate perfectly and together shorten the charging time and increase the working time required for the customer to perform the tasks.

All for one reason: to maximize efficiency, safety and convenience while reducing consumption – without maintenance


About Us

.IES is the leading importer litiuim batteries in Israel

In the renewed battery market, ies offers a variety of leasing and rental services at affordable prices, and in a wide range of solutions that cater to every need

Ies is located in Yavne, and provides a comprehensive and uncompromising service that includes technician services throughout the country, with an emphasis on quick response and quality service that is one of the most advanced in the country and subject to the art of service

Among the company’s team of technicians, you can find first-rate technicians, who receive special periodic training in Israel and abroad by the company’s global experts

The company operates a number of service mobiles

Our Products

Washing machine battery

Platform battery

Forklift battery

Golfcart battery