Energy Storage System

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems are critical to the clean energy transition, it is not only for storing intermittent wind and solar power, but also for stabilizing grid operations. As more and more countries accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, the scale of new energy installed capacity in the world are increasing , and the power industry will undergo great changes. Due to the large fluctuation and peak-to-valley difference of new energy power generation, large-scale energy storage is becoming an increasingly important supporting part of the power system.


The energy storage system consists of battery, battery management system, energy management system, combiner cabinet, bidirectional converter, lighting system, fire alarm system, temperature management system, monitoring system, etc.

The battery system is connected to the solar storage and charging integrated machine. The battery energy storage system is installed in a container-type structure, with built-in monitoring system, automatic fire protection system, temperature control system, energy management system, etc.The exterior of the container is made of double-layer color steel plates, and the interior is filled with A-grade fire-retardant and flame-retardant rock wool. At the same time, flame-retardant rock wool insulation layers are installed on the doors to enhance the thermal insulation effect.The battery room is equipped with a temperature control system which also can be called industrial air conditioner. When the temperature is too high, start the air conditioner to cool down the battery room. When the temperature is too low in winter, turn on the air conditioner to heat. Ensure that the battery works within its optimal operating temperature range to extend battery life.