Lithium Battery

What is a lithium battery?

  • IES offers the customer a solution where the battery and the charger communicate perfectly. Together they shorten the charging time and increase the work time required to perform the tasks at the customer’s place.

  • All for one reason: to maximize efficiency, safety and comfort while reducing consumption – without maintenance.

  • Forklift manufacturers today offer very high-cost lithium batteries without the ability to compete with IES.

  • You can find the variety of batteries for the variety of tools V24 V48 V80.

  • 50% of the battery is charged after only 30 minutes for V24 batteries.

  • 50% of the battery is charged after only 53 minutes for V80 batteries.

  • Full charge after only 105 minutes for the V80 battery.

  • 5-year warranty


  • Lithium batteries do not need maintenance at all.

  • There is no need to add distilled water.

  • No need for special charging.

  • There is no fear of hydrogen gas emissions

  • The battery can be charged in closed places without any fear.

  • No need for an expensive battery replacement system for shift work.

  • The battery is designed to work in all weather conditions (IP54)


  • 8 service technicians

  • 7 luggage service vehicles

  • Responding to large customers

  • High standard SLA

  • interface via mobile