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Most car owners have heard about or experienced a malfunction in their car battery, whether they own their own vehicle or know someone who does. Whether you haven’t started the car in a long time or you forgot the light was on all night – you needed a car technician to change the battery for you (or you used another car and cables for driving).
Like a car, other products with batteries can also cause problems with the battery. Suppose, for instance, someone used a platform or forklift that was powered by batteries and forgot to turn them off, resulting in the battery being completely discharged.
With lithium batteries, the batteries that are becoming more and more common today, you can’t be satisfied with charging with cables like with a car. If there is a fault with the battery, you must call a lithium battery technician.

How does a lithium battery work?

Let’s talk about some physics. In lithium-ion batteries, a process occurs in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge or use. As a result of the transition, electrons are created, which in turn migrate to the electric circuit. Thus, an electric current is created in the machine.
When charging a lithium battery, the same process takes place – in the opposite direction.

Advantages of a lithium battery

  1. Lithium batteries have several advantages, among them:
    In the majority of cases, you can use a lithium battery for the same amount of time that you can use four lead acid batteries. Although lithium batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries, the long life of the battery means that the overall cost of a lithium battery is lower.
  2. A lithium battery can last for about four thousand charges. A lead-acid battery, on the other hand, reaches a maximum of two thousand charges if it is well maintained.
  3. The length of charging a lithium battery to its full capacity is only two hours.

When should a lithium battery be repaired?

A lithium battery is a quality product, but it also needs to be repaired from time to time. Sometimes because of a failure in the production of the battery and sometimes simply because the battery needs to be renewed after long use of it. To repair a lithium battery, you must bring in a qualified lithium battery technician who will locate the fault and bring about a solution in the safest procedure.

I.E.S Energy Ltd

IES is the leading importer of lithium batteries in Israel. IES offers a variety of sales, rental, and leasing services of batteries at affordable prices. The company also provides repair and installation services through an array of technicians in all parts of the country.
In conclusion, a lithium battery is an advanced and cost-effective product. But like any product, when it breaks down – you must call a qualified lithium battery technician to solve the problem.